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What are elopement weddings and why should you consider them?

Hääkuvaaja Vili Pertti
Vili Pertti
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Hääkuvaaja Vili Pertti
Vili Pertti

Hi there! I'm a wedding filmmaker from Finland.

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A wedding day. As a word, it brings to mind a large party, a long guest list and a crazy amount of planning and organizing. But what if we said goodbye to all this and chose something new and more unique? This is where "elopement weddings" come into play.

What are elopement weddings?

Elopement weddings, micro weddings, mini weddings. There are many names for this idea. It is a small-scale wedding where the focus is only on the bride and groom being together. This intimate alternative to traditional weddings has grown in popularity around the world, especially among couples who don't like the idea of a big party. In general, elopement weddings are organized on a small budget and without much planning stress.

Advantages of elopement weddings compared to traditional weddings


Elopement weddings are about just two people: the bride and the groom. This allows the couple to focus on each other without outside distractions. An intimate atmosphere can create more special memories.

Money savings

Traditional weddings can be extremely expensive, especially when taking into account space rentals and catering. Elopement weddings offer an opportunity to save money when these elements are not needed and there are no guests at all – or alternatively there are only a few wedding guests. The saved money can be used for a fun adventurous trip and documenting it with your ideal photographer and videographer.


Elopement weddings give couples the freedom to choose where and when they want to have their wedding. This can mean, for example, a romantic beach wedding at sunset or a simple ceremony in a forest. The options are endless, and only the sky is the limit.

Less stress

Traditional weddings can be extremely stressful to plan. In an elopement wedding, this stress is reduced considerably, when the couple only has to take care of themselves.

A chance for adventure

Elopement weddings offer an opportunity for adventure and unforgettable experiences. Many couples combine the wedding and the honeymoon into one and make it the most fun adventure of their life.


While traditional weddings suit many, elopement weddings offer an alternative for those who want something different. They emphasize the essence of love without extra fluff. So, if you've been considering a different approach to getting married, perhaps an elopement wedding is just the right option for you.

Elopement wedding videos

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See you at your elopement adventure!

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