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Cinematic wedding videos in Finland

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Document your wedding into a cinematic story

Elokuvamainen häävideo

Authentic Wedding Video

Cinematically, but authentically

It looks like a movie, but at its heart are the real moments and emotions of the wedding day.

Wedding video with film aesthetic

The texture and tone of a film

The wedding video is processed to emulate a film camera with gritty texture and cinematic color tones.

Katso näytteitä
Uutta 2024 alkaen

Nostalgiaa aidolla filmillä

Vuodesta 2024 alkaen hääpäivän hetkiä taltioidaan myös 70-luvun Super8 filmikameralla.

Hirvihaara Mansion
G18 Events
Elopement Wedding
Katajanokka Casino
+ Helsinki Cathedral
Hanko Casino
HSS Paviljong
+ Kallio Cathedral
Restaurant Sipuli
+ Temppeliaukio Cathedral
Nyynäisten Wintti
Kulosaari Casino
Olavinlinna Castle
+ Savonlinna Cathedral
Agroksenmäen Holvikellari
+ Johanneksen kirkko
Vehryt Nouka
+ Jyväskylä Cathedral
Katajanokka Casino
+ Helsinki Cathedral
Restaurant Sipuli
+ Helsinki Cathedral
Oitbacka's Mansion
Restaurant Saaristo

How much does it cost?

Wedding video packages

Häät kesän ulkopuolella
Syyskuu-huhtikuu hääpäivät: -5%
Häät vuoristossa
Tunturi-Lappi ja Pohjois-Norja: -10%

Video Package


8 hours
Video Length
2-3 min
Reel Video (30 seconds)

2 600 €

Travel costs indluced. Payment in two installments.
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Video Package


10 hours
Video Length
3-4 min
Reel Video (30 seconds)

2 800 €

Travel costs indluced. Payment in two installments.
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Video Package


12 hours
Video Length
4-5 min
Reel Video (30 seconds)

3 200 €

Travel costs indluced. Payment in two installments.
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Video Package

“Snack size” video package to film the preparations, ceremony and portraits.

Snack-package can only be booked 6 months before the wedding day.
5 hours
Video Length
1 min
Split-screen Collage

1 500 €

Travel costs indluced. Payment in two installments.
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Questions & Answers

Do you film weddings anywhere in Finland?

Näytä vastaus

Yes, I definitely do. Travel costs are included in the prices.

How to I make a booking and make the payment?

Näytä vastaus

Wedding videography is booked by signing a written contract electronically and paying the booking fee. The booking fee is 40% of the price of the wedding video package. The latter 60% portion will be charged 30 days before the wedding day.

What does the pre-planning mean?

Näytä vastaus

Pre-planning means going through your wedding day's schedule – primarily via email, but if necessary via a phone call. After receiving the outline of the schedule, I ask clarifying questions so that I know everything that I need to know to film your wedding day efficiently. This pre-planning is ideally done a week or two weeks before the wedding day, so that the possibility of last-minute changes in plans is as small as possible.

What is a Reel Video and a Split-screen Collage?

Näytä vastaus

A Reel Video is a 30-second short version of your wedding video. A Split-screen Collage is a 10-15 seconds long "split-screen" style sneak peek of the wedding film. A Split-screen Collage will be made in 1080x1350 (4:5) and 1080x1920 (9:16) sizes. The Collage doesn't have background music. Examples of Split-screen Collages can be seen on my Instagram.

What is the delivery time for a wedding video?

Näytä vastaus

The finished wedding video will be delivered within 12 weeks after the wedding day. The exception is the Snack video package, where the wedding video is delivered within 6 weeks after the wedding day.

Can I have any music in the wedding video?

Näytä vastaus

Unfortunately that won't be possible. As the creator of the video, I am responsible for copyright compliance. That's why I only use legally licensed songs in wedding videos. The music libraries I use are Musicbed, Epidemic Sound and Artlist.

Can you take photographs too?

Näytä vastaus

I only do videography. Shooting video on a hectic wedding day requires full concentration. If you haven't booked a photographer yet, I can give recommendations of photographers with whom the collaboration at earlier weddings has been great. I only recommend photographers with whom I have photographed wedding days before. A great chemistry between a videographer and a photographer will guarantee the best end result.

Photo: Laura Karlin
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Make a reservation well in advance

Reservations are typically made 12 months before the wedding day.

Reserved dates

25.5.2024 Helsinki
29.6.2024 Helsinki
6.7.2024 Raasepori
13.7.2024 Hämeenlinna
20.7.2024 Rovaniemi
3.8.2024 Kurikka
17.8.2024 Nauvo
31.8.2024 Helsinki
2.2.2025 Helsinki
6.6.2025 Mäntsälä
5.7.2025 Porvoo
9.7.2025 Mäntsälä
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