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Just the two of you.

Eloping in Finland.

Document your intimate wedding in Finland into a cinematic short film.
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Get married in a unique way

A traditional wedding day is not made for everyone. Others deviate from the mainstream by eloping. Read more

Less pressure

Get married without the stress, the anxiety and the pressure of performing.

More privacy

Make getting married a real "just the two of us" experience.

Different memories

Choose the beauty of nature instead of the church and the city.

authentic elopement video

A cinematic wedding adventure

The elopement video looks like a movie, but is made of real moments and feelings.

Elopement video in film

The rawness and tone of a film

Elopement videos are processed to emulate film with a grainy texture and cinematic color tones.

Videos from traditional weddings

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Elopement videographer

Wedding videographer in Finland

I am a huge lover of aesthetics and I live for sensory experiences. I'm grateful to be able to make a living out of these. I live in Oulu, Finland.

Reasons to elope

Peace and privacy

Just the two of you without the hustle and bustle of a party

Less stress

Less organizing and less pressure of performing

Use of budget

No expensive space rentals and catering

Real originality

Leave the formula and create your own script


New experiences instead of partying


An opportunity for genuine togetherness

When to elope in Finland?

Based on when the nature is at its finest
Weeks 24–30 (June–July)
Weeks 34–40 (August–September)
Weeks 10–14 (March)
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Elopement video process


Remote meeting

Send a message and ask for availability. If I'm free, we'll organize a relaxed remote call where we get to know each other and talk about the vision of your wedding adventure.



After the remote meeting, you will receive a completely customized video package proposal based on your vision. We modify it until it feels right for you.



When we have found the right video package for you, the filming of your elopement is booked by signing a written contract and paying a booking fee.



Once the filming of your elopement is locked down, it's time for planning. Together, we will come up with the activities, locations and ideal scheduling for your adventure.



The elopement adventure begins and I will join you to document it beautifully and in a story-like way. Above all, let's take it easy, and not make a performance out of it.



After the adventure, you will receive a beautiful and emotional short film, through which you can live everything again - and share it with your loved ones, if you feel like it.



Lähetä viesti ja kysy ajankohdan saatavuutta. Jos se on vapaana, järjestämme rennon videopuhelun jossa tutustumme ja juttelemme hääseikkailunne visiosta.


Räätälöity ehdotus

Etätapaamisen jälkeen saatte räätälöidyn kuvauspakettiehdotuksen visionne pohjalta. Modifioimme sitä kunnes se on juuri teidänlaisenne.


Varaus ja suunnittelu

Videokuvaus varataan sopimuksen allekirjoittamisella ja varausmaksun suorittamisella. Tämän jälkeen pallottelemme yhdessä hääseikkailun lokaatiot, aktiviteetit ja aikataulutukset.


Hääseikkailu alkaa

Stressivapaa hääseikkailu alkaa ja liityn seuraanne dokumentoimaan sen artistisesti yksityiskohtia myöten. Nautitaan matkasta ja otetaan siitä kaikki irti.


Näe kaikki uudelleen

Hääseikkailun jälkeen saatte kauniin ja tunteikkaan lyhytelokuvan, jonka kautta pääsette näkemään ja kokemaan kaiken uudelleen.

elopement assistance in Finland

Let me be your elopement assistant

I can suggest accommodations, locations and activities
I can help you plan a realistic timeline for everything
I connect you with the best local vendors
I will be by your side throughout the adventure

Questions and answers

Elopement Video FAQ

How much is the investment?

Näytä vastaus

Prices start at €3,500 but every elopement adventure (and the need for planning and organizing it) is unique. So the pricing is always case-specific. I will give you a video package proposal after our first remote meeting. We will modify it together until you feel it's the right package for you. And don't forget – it's always okay to back out, if you feel like we are not the right fit.

How is the reservation and payment done?

Näytä vastaus

Reservation is done by signing a written contract and paying a reservation fee. The amount of the reservation fee is 40% of the price of the video package. The latter 60% of the package is charged 30 days before the wedding date.

Do you film elopements anywhere in Finland?

Näytä vastaus

Short answer; yes, I do!

What is the best time to elope in Finland?

Näytä vastaus

If you are looking to elope in the winter, I would strongly suggest March. The average temperature is -5°C, there is the most snow and there's eight hours of daylight. The daylight is super important when filming your adventure. In a way, we are chasing it. Compared to January, the day is twice as long in March. On top of that, January is always really really cold.

If you're looking to elope in Autumn, I suggest September. Especially if you're planning to elope in Lapland. Go ahead and Google "lapland ruska" and see how amazing the nature is.

In summer I would maybe try to avoid July, since that is when people are having their vacations and therefore all the prettiest places to shoot video are easily crowded.

What if we are really camera shy?

Näytä vastaus

Don't worry. Almost none of my past wedding couples have had previous experience of being in front of a camera. I will do my best to create a relaxed atmosphere. Even though the main idea is to document everything in a raw manner, I will quickly jump in to direct you whenever needed.

What is the delivery time for the video?

Näytä vastaus

The finished video will be delivered within 12 weeks after the elopement adventure. The delivery time depends on how many videos are in the editing queue before yours. The editing queue is longest in summer time and shortest in winter time.

Can any background music be used in the video?

Näytä vastaus

Unfortunately, no. As the creator of the video, I am responsible for copyright compliance. That's why I only use legally licensed songs in elopement videos. The music libraries I use are Musicbed, Epidemic Sound and Artlist.

Can you take photos too?

Näytä vastaus

This is possible in addition to videography at an extra cost, but I strongly recommend booking a separate photographer so that we don't have to make compromises when filming. When booking, I can give recommendations of photographers with whom cooperation at previous weddings has been great. I only recommend photographers with whom I have shot before. Good dynamics and chemistry between me and a photographer guarantees the best end result.

Ready to elope in Finland?

Send a message and ask for availability. I respond typically within 48 hours.

Tell briefly and freely about the vision of your upcoming elopement

Make sure your email address is written correctly, so my reply reaches you.
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